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Phew! That Week Went By Fast!

Snap!  I started this blog post at 6 in the morning on Friday.  I really did.  Then it was time to get my day started (I did take a little time for myself and visited my friend Julie for a good chat and a great massage… thanks Julie!) and to the high school to get my act together for the day.  You see… Saturday was tech.  I wasn’t ready.  I was at the high school until after midnight so that I could finish painting the floor (I will explain in the upcoming Theatre Thursday) and I still needed to a light hang, focus and light cues.  I got to the high school and started with rehearsal.  My co-director and friend was not able to attend because he was put in charge of the blood drive at school… so the kids were stuck with me.  After rehearsing from 11-7:30 I had a couple students stay to help Jeff (my friend and co-director) finish the light hang and focus.  Still we left late and I wasn’t in the mind frame to write at midnight.  Then, on Saturday, I was back at the school at 7 am to finish the cues for tech day.  The crew showed up at 10 and the cast was there by 1.  We worked out scene changes, light cues and spot cue for the rest of the day… until about 7:30. I still didn’t go home.  I stayed to fix a set piece.  I needed it to work.  Finally… at 10 pm I went home.  Still no blog post.  I did something mindless… I sat and watched a movie with my husband.  I may or may not have been a bad choice because I still wasn’t in bed before 12:30.  So… today I blog a bit.


This week I went to hear my daughter sing with her choir at Willamette University.  I guess I should have bee sneaky and got my camera out and taken a picture before the last song when all the alumni came up to sing with the choir, but I didn’t want to be “that” audience member… like the college student who sat next to me.  She ate several granola bars, got up and down 4 or 5 times during songs, and opened loud candy wrappers during the whole concert.  I was there by myself because John was busy with work (he is still dealing with his big project) and Lilli was busy too.  I enjoyed most of the music.  I thoroughly enjoy the music choices of her director.  He seems to have a big heart and it comes through in the music he chooses.  The choir sounded great!  Hannah is so blessed to be able to have had this experience.  I will miss the opportunity to see her perform.  It won’t happen often in the future, I’m afraid.  Sure love that Kid!


Chad is on his last transfer (6 weeks) of his mission as of this week.  He is such a great guy.  Saying your proud of someone just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  He makes my hear happy.  To see him succeed, be happy, and grow is truly a great joy.  I am excited to get to see him in 6 weeks.  It seems a bit far away, and yet, I am sure it will go by quickly.  And then, just as quickly, he will be off on his next adventure.  Sure love that kid!


Lilli is getting the hang of high school.  Not only is she still taking dance classes, she is in the school play and keeping up with school work.  I just checked her grades and she has all As and 1 B.  Not bad for a girl this busy!  She isn’t home often, so keeping all those balls in the air is quite an accomplishment!


It is a blessing to be able to go to the school everyday and be a part of 2 of her classes (4 per day when I sub for my friend Jeff).


I may not be home schooling my kids any more, but go to school every day allows me to still be a part of my kid’s education.  I love seeing her blossom, learn, grow, make friends, solve problems and issues, and truly use the skills I’ve tried to teach her my whole life.  I sure love that kid!


Ok… I started this blog explaining why I didn’t finish blogging on Friday.


This is why… I go to the high school and love on more kids than the ones I gave birth too (although, if you look closely you will see Hannah and Lilli are at paint night with me.  They didn’t ditch me!  I sure love my kids!)


I put my family first.  I really do.  However, I feel very strongly that I am also needed to share what the Lord has blessed me with physically, mentally, creatively, and spiritually with the teens in my community.  I know that my service at school isn’t really about teaching theater skills… well a small portion of it is, but you get my point.


My service at the high school is about helping kids be contributing adults… know that they have value… teach them what good relationships with others truly looks like… helping them to evaluate their thoughts and behaviors and to develop a desire to improve.


These kids are also “my kids”.  I love these guys!


So that explains my week… and my blogging silence.  Some times life happens and sleep wins out.  Hopefully, I will be able to carve out a little time to organize my thoughts and put them out there.

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