Family Friday

Rolling Through Another Week

I am not good at taking pictures.  Family Friday is hard to do when you don’t take pictures… also hard to do when we are all busy that we don’t really see each other through out the week.

This week John has been working overtime… well, at least some very long hours.  His project at work went “live” last weekend and they have had a few hiccups switching to their new system.  He leaves very early in the morning and comes home very late.  He isn’t getting much sleep and often has to stop and take a nap on the way home.  One day this week he even worked throughout the night at the kitchen table.  Hannah took the opportunity to sleep in our bed… snuggling me. Hmmm… still a family bed I guess.

Kimber’s washer hasn’t been working.  She’s been using our washer and dryer.  While they were visiting this week her silly dog found an unopened bag of chocolate and ate the whole thing… along with my lunch bag!  Goof dog.  This week they helped Rays parents replace their roof too.  Kimber is brave watching those little guys on the roof like that.

McKay and Myles are so fun to visit with on Skype.  One of my favorite moments of the week was finding an old year book at school that had some “special” pictures of McKay.  They gave me a great smile!  Ok… I giggled.

Chad is having a great time in Michigan sharing the gospel.  He is a trainer now.  He recently got a visit from his trainer.  His trainer went home the same day the new elder Chad is training came out in the field.  We are looking forward to his homecoming in December.

Hannah is working hard at Jamba Juice and is rarely home when I home… thus, no pictures.  She goes to institute and sings with her choir at Willamette.  She is still waiting for a mission call.  I promise we will take a picture when we know where she is called to though.  This picture is a couple weeks late (actually happened in September).  She sure treasure time or phone calls or skype with her besties!


Lilli has been busy with school work, homework, dance class, rehearsal, and trying to service.  Some days are better than others.  Last weekend Lilli got to go with a few students to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  She got to see 2 shows.  By all accounts, she had a great time.  It’s a good thing I am friends with a couple of the teachers on the trip.  I actually got a couple of pictures!

The trip was pretty long.  Lilli was super tired.  Good thing Joel was along and has adopted the role of “big brother” well… even to the extent of snapping an attractive picture for her to remember the moment with… BWahahaha!


Lilli has been working hard as an ancestor in the Addams Family musical at school.


The show opens in 2 1/2 weeks.  AHHHH!  I’m not ready!  The set has a long way to go to get all the little details in… one week to tech!

Today my awesome sister came to visit… sort of.  She was hired to tune the pianos at school  I got up and let her into the school at 7 am.  She finished around 3:30 pm… 6 PIANOS!  I’m sure she was so tired.  But she does amazing work.  Not only can she tune a piano, but she can finish cement, re model her house with her husband, write delightful songs, and play bluesy guitar.  She has a huge heart and often sells herself short.  Sure love her!

The final fun for the week is today… and will delay this blog post to nearly Satisfaction Saturday. It was Homecoming at the high school today.  A completely awesome young man wanted to take Lilli to Homecoming.  It was a sad day when we explained that in our family we don’t go on dates until we are 16.  He understood and was cool about it.  We did explain that it is cool to “hang out” with a group of friends.  Lilli invited him to “hang out” before and after the big game with the family and a few other friends.  He thought that would be cool.

Then, Hannah had this bright idea… Gnome-coming.  She was so pleased with herself.  She spent 3 hours making hats and beards.

At the end of the game she lined up the “party favors”, put on her outfit, and went to get them.


Lilli was shocked at Hannah’s appearance as she drove up to school. She discreetly got her friends’s attention.  The “old man” in the gold Honda was here to give them a ride.  LOL.  When they got home Hannah made them all dress up and take pictures.

Even the dog got a beard.


Then they ate pizza from Yeasty Beasty and watched Spider-man.


It was after midnight before we were done “gnoming” it up.  One by one Lilli’s friends gave into sleep (until their rides came).  Even Lilli couldn’t make it to the end of her favorite movie. Lilli hadn’t been feeling too well.  Her friend was very gracious. He completely understood her mood.  He’s a nice kid.


It has been a great week!

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