Family Friday

What a week!

This week was an eventful week.  First, we had Halloween.


Hannah made her costume… she went as Trash.  She made a skirt out of duct tape and grocery bags and then attached trash all over it.  She’s goofball.IMG_1862

Lilli went as her favorite character in her favorite book.  She made a shirt for her friend that also likes those books.  Then, she went trick-or-treating with her friends.

The grand-kids got into the festivities too.  Freya wore the Elsa costume we got her for her birthday.  Be was a ghost.  Lenayah was a cowgirl and Beckett was a giraffe.

I started a new section in my blog… #bethelight  I was tired of all the darkness in the world winning.  I decided to do 365 days of random acts of kindness and to blog about them.  I am hoping that others follow me and join in spreading light and happiness one act, one person at a time.


Day 1 was smile at everyone; Day 2 was hold open doors for others; and Day 3 was thanks a house wife (today).

The girls and I keep working on Addams Family.  It closes tomorrow.  The show turned out so well.  I am proud of my girls.  They are kind.  They work hard.  They have many talents.  I am one lucky mom.

I was nominated to show my life in black and white.  No people.  My life is kind of boring.

The week ended like this… Lilli had some ringing in her ears followed by dizziness and tremors. A few blood tests, urine tests, CT scan, a mega dose of Benadryl, and she still has tremors.  The ER said to give it time and it should go away.  We sure hope so.  She is so sad that she is missing the last 3 performances of Addams Family.


So… that is the week.  How was your week?

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