Thought Tuesday

Summer bucket List

At the end of a school year I am very ready for summer. The trouble is, my summers are more of the same thing I did all school year long due to the fact that I continue teaching theatre for a children's theatre group. For whatever reason, this year I am extra tired and just… Continue reading Summer bucket List


#bethelight – Day 206 and 207

I haven't been very active in the past couple of days.  I have gone into the school, but I get the kids to move things around that I would normally do.  This is a great act of kindness toward me.  I still have a whopper of a headache since Sunday.  Sometimes a great kindness is… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 206 and 207


#bethelight – Day 205

Today my husband was kind enough to plant the tomatoes I intended to plant.  However, after my face plant yesterday I was not up for working in the garden.  In the late morning we went on a little drive.  Our first stop was at a little trail for a short hike he wanted to do. … Continue reading #bethelight – Day 205

Menu Monday

More of the Same

I've been doing well with my walking... except yesterday when I was walking home from church and bit the dust for real.  Anyway, I've succeeded in a 45 minute walk 6 days last week and I must be speeding up my waddle because my fitbit says I now walk 1.86 miles in those 45 minutes. … Continue reading More of the Same


Courage Demands Gratitude

I love this post from one of my favorite bloggers.

Mitch Teemley


Dear Americans, while we enjoy our Memorial Day, may we not fail to remember those whose sacrifices paid for it. Those soldiers, firefighters, police officers and others whose sacrifices have secured the lives and freedoms of Americans and non-Americans alike.

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.”

~Billy Graham

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Scripture Sunday

Ministering Hands

It seems that the subject of most meetings at church these past weeks has been "ministering."  There have been many great lessons and talks on the subject of ministering.  However, one of the greatest lessons of ministering I have learned to day comes from my grand-daughter, a four year old with the heart of a… Continue reading Ministering Hands

Family Friday

17 weeks and Counting

It's been 17 weeks since our missionary took off on her adventure.  Sure miss her.  She is having a good experience serving in Missouri.  She is experiencing world class thunder and lightening storms, interesting wildlife, like this turtle they found in the road.  The mission leader of the ward she is serving in sent me… Continue reading 17 weeks and Counting


#bethelight – Day 204

Today I was blessed by kindness from my daughter.  We were walking home from church when I tripped.  I went down hard and slid down the gravel street edge on my face.  My 15 year old ran to my rescue.  She helped me the rest of the way home, helped me clean the gavel out… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 204


#bethelight – Day 203

I tell my students that "can't" is against my religion.  It isn't really against my religion.  However, I do feel that "can't" should be removed from everyone's vocabulary.  Seriously.  What is really holding you back?  Fear? Reluctance? Pride?  Stop talking yourself out of taking risks.  Life will open up!  Do something nice for someone without… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 203