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Summer bucket List

At the end of a school year I am very ready for summer. The trouble is, my summers are more of the same thing I did all school year long due to the fact that I continue teaching theatre for a children’s theatre group. For whatever reason, this year I am extra tired and just not feeling it. Maybe it’s just been a really long year at school putting in the hours of a full time employee on a less-then-a-day-per-week stipend. Maybe It’s that I’ve been running non-stop for 7 years doing what I love and rarely stopping to “smell the roses.” So, today I thought I’d make a summer bucket list to see if I could get my summer energy up and going.


Wendy’s summer bucket list:

1. Go for a walk 6 days a week… and invite Lilli or John or anyone for that matter, to go with me a couple times.

2. Go for a short hike that my knees could handle.

3. Keep up with my garden this year. I usually allow the weeds to take over. Maybe not this summer.

4. Sit on my porch swing and enjoy my garden in the evenings more often.

5. Go see a play.

6. Go to a concert in the park.

7. Learn Bollywood, African dance, or an other world dance form better.

8. Down size. Clean out closets and cupboards and actually throw stuff away.

9. Paint my living room.

10. Make an office and organize all my office/craft stuff.

11. Take a short road trip.

12. Eat more meals on the porch.

13. Enjoy nature more by going for walk, try a bike ride, sitting outside and chill-axing.

14. Make a summer playlist and blast it often.

15. Enjoy some free time several times a week.

16. Read a book just for fun.

17. Keep blogging!

18. Visit with family.

19. Do a couple Christmas projects.

20. Go to the beach!

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