#bethelight – Day 207, 208 and 209

I’m telling you.  my life is on high speed and I can’t find the time to write things down.  I have been looking for opportunities to give and/or receive kindness.  Friday was a long day.  I went to the eye doctor.  I have missed having my glasses.  Then I worked all day.  It was the day for seniors. I will miss some of them.  Saturday was a long day two, with 3 major events in my theatre space.  My act of kindness on Saturday was to clean up the building in between events since there wasn’t a custodian around.  I believe firmly that it is in the schools best interest to at least present a good front.  Today is the Sabbath.  Kind is all around worship and remembering the Savior.  Today, kindnesses revolve around family and church.  Ah… the Sabbath is a welcome change to the fast pace life my regular weeks are.

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