Family Friday

Blinded by the Week

It has been an odd week.  On Sunday I fell coming home from church and hit my face hard on the street.  I was a bit loopy and dizzy for a few days.  I ended up bruising my cheek, loosening my teeth, and destroying my glasses.  It was a long week without glasses.  I can see about an arms length away, unless it is the fine print.  Then I don’t see that either.  I went on Friday to the eye doctor.  Good news, my farsightedness is improving, but my astigmatism is getting worse.   So, needless to say, I have had a headache for a week while I try to focus and make sense out of what my eyes are seeing.  I still have up to two more weeks to wait for new glasses.  Sigh. I’d like to see what I’m doing.  Oh… and I broke the camera on my phone.  Blogging about my food and family things will be harder without the ability to take pictures.  Good thing others take pictures and post them so that I can “barrow” them.

Meanwhile Jo and her girls came for a short visit.  I sure miss them.  We had great fun just chatting and catching up.  Jo came for the high school graduation of kids she used to teach.  We made leis together and worked in my garden.  We made food and cleaned up.  We sat on the porch and chatted.  And then, they were off on their next adventure.

On Monday I was not feeling well after my fall, but I got in the car and went for a drive with John and Lilli and Lii’s friend.  John had it in his mind that he wanted to try a hike to a water fall near the coast.  I sat in the car and crocheted.  It was delightful.  Then we continued the journey down the coast and stopped at the beach where Kimber and her family were practicing their sand castle skills.  After lunch we took the long scenic road home.  It was a nice “do nothing” day.

Lilli is looking forward to the end of the school year.  She must really miss her sister because she is starting to dress more and more like her… in the “old-man” outfits.  She named them.  I didn’t.  She found some old clothes of all of her sisters in the attic and adapted them to her own style.  Meanwhile, she is sad to see a couple of her senior friends graduate and move on.

I have a couple seniors I will miss too.  This one is my shadow.  He follows me anywhere… except the bathroom.  We draw the line there.  LOL.  He works hard.  He wants to serve and make a difference in the world.  He doesn’t always believe in himself, but I know he can achieve great things.


Our Hannah is doing well on her mission.  It is going so fast and yet so slowly.  Missions are hard work, but she is learning good things and having great experiences.  She is meeting good people.

So that was our week. What happening in your week?

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