Forward Steps

Today I've been thinking about how I can nurture my relationship to self. This is something I've been working on for several years. Here is what I am going to focus on this week: Be Kind to Myself Taking care of my body, treating myself to a massage, exercising regularly (tough one for me) and… Continue reading

Forward Steps

Note to Self

Dear self, Change is hard... even when it's a repeat of "changes" in the past. With that in mind, I have a few reminders for you. Express gratitude everyday... even for the hard things. An attitude of gratitude brings the blessings of heaven to your heart and to your mind. Changing the outside isn't the… Continue reading Note to Self

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Can Focus on the Good

I have no idea what this website is, but I love this image. The older I get the more I realize that our thoughts create our reality. We can truly create pretty much anything in our lives if we believe in it... really believe in it. Okay... it's easier said than done. It doesn't happen… Continue reading A Warrior Can Focus on the Good

Thought Tuesday

Improving Life

It is amazing that the Fresh Prince of Belair can be so wise.  Everyday I am learning that this statement is true.  My life is better each time I attempt to lift another. Be honest.  Most people want to feel like their life meant something, like they made a positive difference in the world.  This… Continue reading Improving Life

Warrior Wednesday

Warriors find the Good in Everyday.

The past 11 months has truly helped me change my perspective.  I am learning to adopt this motto nearly everyday: find the good in everyday. Finding the good means searching for happiness and positivist, big or small, no matter what is happening in your day. I get it... sometimes we all have a bad day. … Continue reading Warriors find the Good in Everyday.


#bethelight – Day 204

Today I was blessed by kindness from my daughter.  We were walking home from church when I tripped.  I went down hard and slid down the gravel street edge on my face.  My 15 year old ran to my rescue.  She helped me the rest of the way home, helped me clean the gavel out… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 204

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Embraces Change

This is a concept I am slowly learning. Change is good. Remember that. Resistance is futile. Remember that. "Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings." Arthur Rubinstein I realize that life is unpredictable. However, there are days where I am not okay with… Continue reading A Warrior Embraces Change

Thought Tuesday, Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior’s Personal Power

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to never be down, never get discouraged, and always seem to be in charge of their life?  I wonder why these people have such a positive, uplifting vibe and others don't.  I recognize that we all positive and negative thoughts and moods.  I am learning that there… Continue reading A Warrior’s Personal Power

Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior sees the Divine Design

Yesterday I read talk by Elder Ronald A. Rasband entitled By Divine Design. As I read I couldn't help but think how a Warrior understands the Divine Design, embraces it, and lives it. In this talk he talked about how there are no "coincidences with God... things happen by "divine design." Now, that is not… Continue reading A Warrior sees the Divine Design