Forward Steps

Today I’ve been thinking about how I can nurture my relationship to self. This is something I’ve been working on for several years. Here is what I am going to focus on this week:

Be Kind to Myself

Taking care of my body, treating myself to a massage, exercising regularly (tough one for me) and becoming mindful of what you eat will not only boost my self-confidence, but it’s also the practice of self-care. The more my treat my body with the loving kindness it deserves, the more I will learn to naturally love it over time AND the more it will love me back—well, that’s the theory.

Let Go of My Inner Perfectionist

Perhaps you are a perfectionist like I am. Maybe you spend a long time getting ready to leave the house and obsess over tiny details, putting pressure on yourself to look a certain way? Exhausting, isn’t it!? (Admittedly, I often leave the house without brushing my hair). Well I’m here to tell you to stop doing that! I get a ton of satisfaction going as I am. Studies show that perfectionism is strongly linked to depression. I decided to save the time I spent telling myself I wasn’t good enough or trying to hide my ‘imperfections’ and instead, I am working on learning to accept myself for who I truly am. I hear that someone who can learn to accept and love themselves will exude confidence and beauty inside and out, and will attract more positive people and experiences to them. That’s what I am shooting for!

Let Go of Judgment

Sometimes when I am hard on myself and in my deepest moments of insecurity, I can be extremely judgmental of others. It is my goal to catch myself the next time I notice I am judging the way other people look or behave, and refrain from joining in with critical gossip. Practicing kindness and acceptance towards others is the first step to becoming more mindful about my own thoughts and actions.

Baby steps. I am after baby steps.

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