Satisfaction Saturday

More Than Satisfied with doTerra PastTense

I have been having headaches.  My daughter introduced me to doTerra PastTense roll one.  I immediately fell in love!

The doTerra catalog says it will help ground and balance emotions.  It is cool and refreshing as advertised.  It soothes stressful feelings and promotes a sense of calm.

McKay suggested it for my headaches.  I didn’t expect the results.

My shoulders were tight… right up into my ears causing a stress headache.  I applied a very small amount.  Almost immediately, my shoulders relaxed.  This oil even works on my migraine like headaches.

Now, everywhere I go, PastTense goes.  Nothing works as well as this oil blend.  It works so well that my family members take it and I am constantly needing to order more.

You need to get this oil!

McKay can help you!  Click here to get to her webpage.  She can hook you up with an oil that has changed my life!

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