Satisfaction Saturday

Happiness is a Good Massage

I often say the a good massage makes me a much happier person… a more relaxed person… a changed person.  I am completely satisfied when I go about my day after a good massage.


Massage has many health benefits.


I know… most of you think of massage only as “pampering” or as a once-in-awhile treat for yourself.  However, I am completely convinced that massage is much, much, much more than pampering:  It is one of the best things I have ever done for my health.  I could bore you with a bunch of scientific studies, but instead, I will encourage you to research those studies for yourself.  I will just mention the above benefits, as well as, a few additional ones I have noticed for myself.

  • Massage boosts the immune system
  • Massage helps with circulation
  • Massage releases “feel-good” hormones
  • Massages gives me the much needed opportunity for a nap!

Massage helps me to unwind.


The brilliant thing about massage is that it massage not only provides health benefits but induces relaxation.  How often are you offered a great combination like that?

For example:

  • going to the doctor… not relaxing
  • having medical tests done… not relaxing
  • exercising… not relaxing… good for you but not relaxing
  • eating well… super good for you, but I don’t know many people who feel food prep is relaxing
  • massage… RELAXING!  Relaxation has a number of benefits including the reduction of stress hormones.  Reducing stress hormones improves cognitive function, decreases headaches, and reduces abdominal fat.  See!  Massage leads to relaxation and relaxation leads to weight loss.  Regular massage is a weight loss plan!  Yes!


Call it what it is… a win-win!

Massage is my version of VACATION!


Massage is my escape from the world.  I get to drop everything and focus on my own health – not the needs of my kids, my husband, work, and home.  That time is more valuable that I can express.


Trust me.  You are worth it.  Get out.  Take care of yourself, your health and your sanity.  Massage is not about pampering.  It is worth the cost.  Besides, there are lots of affordable options out there.  Do yourself a favor and call a massage therapist today and go on “vacation”!


Never a truer statement!  I am satisfied with getting a regular massage!  You should too!  Too bad my favorite massage therapist lives 755 miles away from me!


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