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Thanks for Reading in 2017

I have much to be grateful for in 2017.  The least of my blessings is the opportunity to blog and the people who support me in my efforts in blogging.  THANK YOU for reading and sharing my musing with others. Blogging about my health and weight loss journey on Menu Mondays has helped me to… Continue reading Thanks for Reading in 2017

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Star War The Last Jedi

SPOILER ALERT! I've seen some hate floating around the release of the latest  Star Wars film.  I don't get it.  I LOVED the latest in the Star Wars saga! I loved old characters that made their return.  I loved the new characters that were introduced.  I loved the visuals and cinematography.  I loved the plot… Continue reading Satisfied with Star War The Last Jedi

Satisfaction Saturday

When Enough is Enough

When is enough enough? I am overwhelmed by all the crazy messages of "buy this, own that, travel here, live there, look this way... you'll be happy." Really? Seriously... it's hard to imaging a day when you feel you have arrived; you have enough.  Enough money.  Enough stuff.  Enough sleep.  Enough time.  Sometimes it's hard… Continue reading When Enough is Enough

Satisfaction Saturday

More Than Satisfied with doTerra PastTense

I have been having headaches.  My daughter introduced me to doTerra PastTense roll one.  I immediately fell in love! The doTerra catalog says it will help ground and balance emotions.  It is cool and refreshing as advertised.  It soothes stressful feelings and promotes a sense of calm. McKay suggested it for my headaches.  I didn't… Continue reading More Than Satisfied with doTerra PastTense