Satisfaction Saturday

Perfectly Satisfied with Bermudez Family Farms

I know I keep saying how much I love the farm co-op that I belong to each summer… well this is my second summer.  I’m telling you!  It is my favorite part of summer!  This is an an example of what I got in my farm bag this week!  I’m telling you.  It’s heavenly!


This week I was going to miss the pick up time due to being out of town for my grandma’s celebration of life.  We emailed the farm and they allowed me to come and get it a day early.  I got more than just me yummy veggies.  I got to tour the farm!


This lovely lady walked me through her gardens and gave me tips for my own garden.  She showed me all of her wonderful plants and trees.  She also gave me tips on canning.  It was a great addition to my busy week.  I can’t wait until the season in my life when I can use my summer evenings to dig in the soil and harvest a few of my own plants.

If you are looking to start “clean eating” or a plant based diet, give this lady a call.  She has beautiful produce.  Head down to the farmer’s markets too.  Eat local… the best way.

You can contact her at

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