Family Friday

Summer is Moving Along

Doing a little catch up.

Last Saturday John went on a little hike.  He left on Friday evening and slept in his car.  In the morning, he got up and hiked to Jefferson Park in the Cascade Mountains.  It looks very pretty.  However, I don’t see myself making this walk.  He said it was harder than he anticipated.  I have a hard enough time walking across the yard.  LOL.  I can tell that the experience has fueled him for the week.  He has been in such a great mood since he took off on his little walk-about and became one with nature.

Meanwhile, I went to the temple to support my young friend, Ethan, who is preparing for his mission.  I blogged a few of my thoughts about that experience here.

In the evening, Lillian and I went to see an Apple Box production of the Jungle Book on an outdoor stage at WOU.  It was a pleasant evening and it was good to support young theatre lovers.

On Sunday, we were very low key.  I loved hanging out on the deck with Freya while she played in the hot tub.  Eventually, I hopped in for a soak myself.


Monday began a fast paced CET week.  In lighting class we worked on hanging, focusing, and gel-ing the lighting instruments for the upcoming Lion King Jr. production.  We also worked on creating gobo patterns.

The puppet class is in the process of creating some very cute puppets.

My intro to tech theatre class worked on a costuming class by learning some basic sewing skills.  You can read about it here.  Then we started a bird house project to learn the basics of measuring, cutting, pre-drilling, and using a driver to screw the boards together.  It will take most of next week to complete.

during your “rehearsal time, we worked on show.  By the end of the week we had completed all work on props and set (with a very small list of touch up projects).  By the end of the week we were sending all tech students to the rehearsals of the shows they will be helping with.  This is a little ahead of schedule.  However, it’s good.  A couple of the shows have more demands on the tech kids then our usual show loads.  It is good for them to get the practice.

By our Thursday night work night we had completed all set building and had even painted the floor.  It happens when you bring the main-stage set with you.

We have now completed 3 weeks of CET.  At the end of this upcoming week we will begin all of our performances.  In fact, Lilli will be performing in her last CET show.  It’s a little bitter-sweet.  But more about that on my next Family Friday Blog.

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