#bethelight – Day 248 and 249

Yesterday We were on the road.  We got up early and drove over the river, through the woods, over the mountain pass to celebrate the life of my grandma.  A couple of nice things, and great kindnesses occurred throughout the day.  Aunts, uncles, cousin, and siblings were everywhere.  Everyone helped out.  Everyone chatted and laughed together.  Everyone worked to make the day a pleasant day and helped to spread out the burden of hosting many people. It was a day of great kindness.

Today, however, my body said, “You’re done.”  Let me tell you… the leg cramps are a bit overwhelming.  I decided to give myself a break, and pretty much have stayed in bed… resting.  The next two weeks are going to be long and physically hard, especially in the forecast heat.  Sometimes it is good to truly give yourself a day of rest.

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