Scripture Sunday

I Stand All Amazed

My heart is heavy.  There has been much distress around me - from the news to people I am acquainted with, that shocks and saddens me.  In times of great distress I turn music that uplifts my soul.  Today I was searching for that one song that could enlighten my mind and came across...… Continue reading I Stand All Amazed

Theatre Thursday

Stage Fright is Really… But Can Be Controlled

This blog post is for Elle... and all my other students whom I love and adore.  Why? Because I just need to do what I can to help them feel confident and valued!  I can't tell you how many students in a drama class or in voice lessons I hear say, "I can't do this… Continue reading Stage Fright is Really… But Can Be Controlled

Family Friday

I Give You Hannah Boyack

I've been working on cleaning up my blog and moving a few of my favorite posts to the new web/blog site.  I came across a post of Hannah, my #4 child singing as an 8th grader. I posted it. How could I not? That sent me down a rabbit hole of watching every Youtube video… Continue reading I Give You Hannah Boyack

Family Friday, Uncategorized

The Most Talented Hannah Boyack 

Hannah is growing into one incredible performer.  She is only 14 and sings like a pro.  She always amazes me.  In April, she was asked to sing for the Mr. and Ms. Central pageant.  The pageant earned money for a kid in the school who needed extra help because an operation had left him paralyzed. … Continue reading The Most Talented Hannah Boyack