Theatre Thursday

Many Cultures – One Community: My Adventures with World Theatre

This semester I had the pleasure of helping to teach a world theatre class in my high school. World Theatre is an introductory course designed for a general student population that acquainted students with the origins and evolution of non-Western theatre and the performance art of Asia, Africa, and Latin American. Students were introduced to… Continue reading Many Cultures – One Community: My Adventures with World Theatre

Theatre Thursday

Lion King – a Circle of Life

As I contemplated what I should write about for Theatre Thursday, it dawned on me that I had not truly written about my experience with Lion King Jr. at Central High School.  A major slip on my part.  LOL. Okay... I wrote about painting the floor here.  I wrote about carving the foam set here.… Continue reading Lion King – a Circle of Life

Theatre Thursday

Building a Diverse Theatre

My latest project is to, somehow, build diversity in our theater program.  I truly believe that every student in America deserves access to the arts in their school.  I believe theater can directly and positively impact a student's academic performance and career preparedness.  Yesterday a tech student sat down next to me, "I love theater,"… Continue reading Building a Diverse Theatre

Theatre Thursday

Carving out the Savannah – creating foam rocks

There are 3 more performances of Lion King Jr.  I love the work of art we have created.  It is truly beautiful... a visual feast! As the set designer, I needed to keep things simple.  With 63 cast members, I needed as much floor space as possible.  I also needed to create Pride Rock, an… Continue reading Carving out the Savannah – creating foam rocks

Theatre Thursday

Herding Cats – Backstage with a Large Cast

As you sit down to enjoy your next live theatre performance you may have no idea how much coordination and activity goes on during the performance behind the scenes: rapid costume changes, set changes, lighting and sound cues, mic adjustments, and chaos.  Sometimes the "show" behind the stage is just as entertaining as the show… Continue reading Herding Cats – Backstage with a Large Cast

bethelight, Theatre Thursday

#bethelight – Day 112

Today my act of kindness was the extra hours I put into painting the set with little, and then later, no help. My list is still so long. One more late night to go before I have an audience viewing this labor of love. I am super grateful for Joy (a sweetheart of a lady… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 112