Family Friday

Keeping Busy!

The week has been extra busy this week.  Last weekend was packed!  Lilli went on a school field trip to Ashland to see two great Shakespeare shows.  She road the bus with a some of her friends.  They even watched a few episodes of The Office on the bus.  They stopped for lunch in Eugene. … Continue reading Keeping Busy!


#bethelight – Day 336, 337, and 338

Holy cow!  Tech week is always a cray week.  This has been a big project.  I knew that it would be going to be.  My act of kindness in the past few days has been working my tail off to make the tech day go smoothly and to make my director friend and the kids… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 336, 337, and 338

Theatre Thursday

Theatre Helps a Person Discover Who They Are

Theatre has always been a place of self discovery for me.  It has been a place where I could make sense of the world around me.  Everyday I help out with the theatre program in my local school.  Every day I see kids get out of their superficial cellular lives and start interacting with others,… Continue reading Theatre Helps a Person Discover Who They Are

Warrior Wednesday

Warriors are Willing to Row

I came across this proverb and it rang true with me. I am learning that when something worthwhile is not coming easy for me, like most things, I can't panic.  It's all part of the plan.  In fact, I am learning that pretty much nothing comes easy.  It is not meant to be easy.  Most… Continue reading Warriors are Willing to Row


#bethelight 334 and 335

The last couple of days I have done a ton of listening... mostly to stressed out teens.  I am realizing that I am often needed to be a "mom" at school to many kids who don't get to see their mom or have mom with so many issues they can't help their kids.  However, my… Continue reading #bethelight 334 and 335

Menu Monday

Powered by Plant for One More Week

The hardest thing about trying to follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live lifestyle is feeding my family.  No one really wants to eat the amount of plants I eat, nor do they save out the things I would usually eat for my food.  I can't seem to find a balance of foods I will… Continue reading Powered by Plant for One More Week


#bethelight – Day 333

This has been an interesting year.  I am nearly finished reporting on my efforts to spread kindness through out the world.  As I sat through General Conference yesterday, I was struck with the thought that God had impressed upon my heart and my mind to work on this kindness campaign right when he was instructing… Continue reading #bethelight – Day 333