#bethelight – Day 349, 350, 351, and 352

It’s been a busy week with the opening of my show.  I leave home early and come home well past bedtime.  I am pouring everything I have into my job and helping these kids and my co-worker succeed.  I am sacrificing sleep and energy for this… only 5 more performances left.  I can’t say that I am going out of my way to find people who need a little kindness.  I just listen when someone needs a listening ear.  I fix costumes.  I fix set pieces.  I fix sound issues.  I encourage.  I try to uplift.  In some ways, I feel bad that I can’t do more.  However, I just can’t run faster than I have strength for.  I am grateful that my husband is keeping up with the laundry and the groceries.  I am thankful that my oldest daughter and her husband are keeping up with the meals and the cleaning of the kitchen.  I am thankful that my youngest daughter is cheerfully pushing through a couple tough weeks.  And I’m thankful that my son is now home and is willing to be a taxi and to bring a few laughs to my stressful days.  So, in all, the acts of kindness are not something I am doing… they are things others are doing for me.

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