Satisfaction Saturday

Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Okay... today is about a shameless plug for something new in my life... compression socks! I know.  You might have the same impression I've had of compression socks.  They are for old people.  Then, a few things happened in my life.  I got old.  My leg ache so bad I can't sleep at night.  And… Continue reading Why I am Satisfied with Compression Socks

Satisfaction Saturday

Why I Love My Front Porch Swing

After a super long week I crave sitting on my porch swing and mentally taking a mini vacation.  It is my recovery place; a place to reduce my stress and tension, lift my spirits and calm my mind.  I can't do the dishes, fold laundry, sweep the floor, stare at the mess I call home,… Continue reading Why I Love My Front Porch Swing

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Lilli’s CET Experience

Today I am celebrating my youngest and the joy she has found in Children's Educational Theatre (CET).  I admit, it is a ton of work for me... but she is worth it!  Seven years ago I agreed to take on Technical Director for CET with the promise that my youngest would be able to participate. … Continue reading Satisfied with Lilli’s CET Experience

Satisfaction Saturday

Perfectly Satisfied with Bermudez Family Farms

I know I keep saying how much I love the farm co-op that I belong to each summer... well this is my second summer.  I'm telling you!  It is my favorite part of summer!  This is an an example of what I got in my farm bag this week!  I'm telling you.  It's heavenly! This… Continue reading Perfectly Satisfied with Bermudez Family Farms

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Temple Worship

I had the opportunity to attend the temple.  This time, as I drove up to the parking lot, my heart was filled with joy and whispered, "I am home."  I have always thought of the temple as "home."  It is a symbol of peace in a chaotic world. "The moment we step into the house… Continue reading Satisfied with Temple Worship

Menu Monday

My End of Dieting

So... my fall last week broke the camera on my phone. I am now left with nothing to visually record my success and meals, at least for further notice. I can say that I have been good about eating salads for lunch and something veggie like for dinner. It was a busy week, so I… Continue reading My End of Dieting

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Network Spinal Analysis

Several years ago I had my first experience with Network Spinal Analysis Care.  I was in great pain and could not move my head and neck.  Nothing I tried worked.  We did not have insurance that would help pay for chiropractic care, but I was desperate!  It was a holiday weekend.  Most people were available… Continue reading Satisfied with Network Spinal Analysis

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with my New Rubber Broom

I have two dogs... and everyday they shed enough hair to make a new dog.  There is so much hair that my vacuum can't get it all!  Trying to use a broom only makes things worse.  The hair floats around and gets everywhere. Over our little vacation we saw a rubber broom in a store… Continue reading Satisfied with my New Rubber Broom

Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with my SleepPhones

I love these things! I've been listening to meditation type music to fall asleep lately.  At first, I used regular headphones.  However, they hurt my ears.  I started searching for something I could sleep in and listen to my music that really was helping fall into a deep er sleep.  I found these: These things… Continue reading Satisfied with my SleepPhones

Satisfaction Saturday

Loving my Hydro Flask

I just have to say, I love my hydro flask.  This nifty thing keeps my water cold ALL DAY long.  This is most handy on long summer days in the sauna like halls at CET! I admit.  At first I was skeptical.  However, I am so glad I caved and bought one! My hydro flask… Continue reading Loving my Hydro Flask