Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with my New Rubber Broom

I have two dogs… and everyday they shed enough hair to make a new dog.  There is so much hair that my vacuum can’t get it all!  Trying to use a broom only makes things worse.  The hair floats around and gets everywhere.

Over our little vacation we saw a rubber broom in a store window.  We bought one.  I couldn’t be more impressed.  It works!  It is easy to use!


Look at that pile of hair!  And this was AFTER we had used the vacuum.

The head is made of rubber. It has a telescoping handle.

When you sweep the broom a static charge keeps all the hair together and keeps it from flying around.

We just used short strokes to remove the hair we didn’t even see!

This thing may be a life saver.  LOL!

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