Family Friday

Spring Break!



It isn’t often that I go on a road trip.  I’m not much for travel.  I like my own bed far too much, I guess.  However, this Spring Break we decided to hit the road with our one child left at home and to visit family.


The drive was very uneventful… this was about as much snow as we saw the whole time and it was on the way to my parents house… literally “over the river and through the woods” and over a mountain pass… 3 hours away.  We had a short, but fun visit with my parents.  We had dinner and spent the night.  The next morning we loaded up and headed through eastern Oregon, through southern Idaho, to Logan in northern Utah.

I did all the driving.  I prefer to drive.  Lilli sat in the back and played her uke, read books, and watched a movie.  John rode shot gum and chatted with me as we drove along.  Everyone was excited to see us in Utah.


The next day, Leneyah and I went to the store.  She kept commenting on my driving skills. “You good at this grandma.”  She was shocked when I told her that I taught her mom to drive.  She is a crack up.  When we got back to her house, we made Easter bunny car treats and rice crispy nests with malted eggs.  Then we drove around to give the treats to her friends.  It was super fun to see her take such joy in serving others.


She really does like to serve.  She heard me say I was thirst.  Next thing I know she is standing next to me with a full jar of chocolate almond milk and a straw.  LOL.

She does lots of funny things… like dancing in her undies while making up songs.  Her brother likes us all from afar.  He smiles at you as long as his mom or his dad are holding him and you aren’t touching him.  We went for a walk on one day and passed a pig in someone’s yard.  Leneyah had to climb on for a picture.

We went to the Crepery for lunch one day.  Leneyah wanted to serve me water.  She walked all the away across the restaurant with a balloon between her legs.  LOL.  After lunch I took Lilli shopping and John and Chad walked down to a barber to get a hair cut for Chad.  The store was a nice store.  Lilli declared it her new “totally me” store.  I did buy her two super cute dresses.  We also hit Deseret book.  We got something for Hannah and Chad and I got a book for Chad.   We also went to the Chamber of commerce and got postcards.  I thought it might be fun to send a postcard per day to Hannah over the vacation.

Back at home, Leneyah and I made chocolate chip cookies… She ate a ton of dough.  I am surprised her tummy didn’t hurt.

We went to a park and Beckett learned to like to swing.  John was very patient with him and finally got Beckett to swing without screaming.

John went down to Springville to visit his parents and sisters for the night.  The next day, we joined him for a short visit.  Chad’s friend Lanea joined us too.  John’s mom showed us her stuff and their little apartment in assisted living.  Then we traveled back up the freeway to go to the Jordan River temple open house.

The Jordan River temple was where I went to the temple for the first time.  We were also married there.  It had been closed for a couple of months for a few updates.  When that happens, they open it up for the general public to tour before a formal dedication.

It was fun to take the kids through and reminisce.  It was also fun to hear Myles explain to Leneyah what happens in the temple and that she would get to come soon when Caiden would be sealed to their family.  It was super sweet.

After the temple, John went back to Springville.  He was helping his sisters clean out the family home.  They need to sell it soon.  The rest of us headed back to Logan.  We went to an award ceremony for Myles.  He got and award for being a great researcher and he got a scholarship.  The kids were super good at the ceremony.  After the presentations people ate ice cream.  Leneyah was so sweet helping her brother eat bites of ice cream.

When we got home, Leneyah and I dyed Easter eggs.  We put dye in rice.  We placed the egg in the container with the dyed rice, added and lid and would shake the lid.  I worked out nicely…


… until Lilli hid the eggs and the dye came off on her hands.  LOL.  However, the Easter egg hunt was fun.  The next morning we got up started home.  We stopped at my sister Jen’s house for an hour to say hi.  We also went 45 minutes off the beaten path to visit me sister Anna and her family.  We got home late, but it was totally worth visiting with all the family we visited with.

Meanwhile, back in our home town, the other grand kids dyed eggs with their other grandma.  Their baby brother is growing nice.  Their mom is super tired, but everyone fared well while we were gone.


The dogs were happy to see us, but it was clear that our friend Mati took good care of them and our house.  Oh… and we came home with a new tool… a rubber broom that picks up dog hair.  This pile came AFTER we used the vacuum!

Our missionary has been CRAZY busy!!
An awesome scripture she has been been thinking about this week was Mosiah 2:20-22.  “I say unto you, my brethren, that if you should render all the thanks and praise which your whole soul has power to possess, to that God who has created you, and has kept and preserved you, and has caused that ye should rejoice, and has granted that ye should live in peace one with another….and ye shall prosper in the land.” Be thankful always! Look up, not out in times of need. Rejoice and be thankful for everything that is allowing you to grow. That’s what life is about. Growth.
This week was transfers. She is staying in Harrison, and will get a new companion. Her name is Sister Egbert.  She will miss Sister Johnson a lot.
She loves serving the people in Arkansas.  A guy in her ward she is serving in took her to a little town called Jasper.  It looks super pretty there.

So… that was our week.  The last two days left for the break before we go back to school, we get to listen to General Conference.  I love this time of year!

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