Family Friday

What a week!

Last weekend Ben and Freya spent the night.  Lilli and I took them to the park on a walk.  We had pizza and watched a movie together.

Lillian worked all day at the dance studio.  She taught class and helped withe picture day at the dance studio.  Meanwhile, I worked at the school for the tech rehearsal for the World Theater performance, went to the grocery store and did some meal prep.


That evening, Lilli and I walked to a local restaurant for dinner and then to WOU to watch the Spring Dance Concert.

Meanwhile, John went to Utah for 4 days to attend the funeral of his brother Lorin.  He headed out on Thursday evening and stopped to sleep at my parents house.  On Friday he drove the rest of the way to McKay’s house in Logan.  Early on Saturday he finished his drive to Springville for the funeral.  He was the officiator of the funeral.  He spent a ton of time coming up with what was best to say.  He spent most of the day with his siblings and a few of their children, parents and nephews.  McKay and her kids, and Chad joined him.  They headed back to Logan on Saturday, but John stayed and helped with family matters for a little while on Sunday before heading back to McKay’s house.  He then drove all day on Monday to get home.  He worked long hours this week.  We didn’t see much of him between work and his three callings.  Thankfully, he found time to film the World Theatre class.

He spent some time on Sunday at McKay’s house.  This is how he read stories with Lenayah.  LOL.  Sound asleep.  I’m dying!

He slept through story time with Beckett too.  LOL!!!

McKay got this sweet gift from Kaiden.  It brings a tear to the eye.


The best part of the day was chatting with our missionary.  I loved seeing how everyone giggled and enjoyed each other.  I love that my kids feel they are each other’s best friends.  I am convinced that Hannah is a huge joy to all of her siblings.


This week Lilli and I worked on and performed in the World Theatre and Production classed performance of One Community/ Manzi: the Adventures of a Young Cesar Chavez.  This has been a labor of love for my friend Jeff and I.  We have been working hard to find ways to include the Hispanic student population.  We presented the class idea to the school principle, the school superintendent, and the school board.  Sadly, none of these “powers-that-be” came to see the product of this new innovative class.  Sadly, the kids noticed the lack of administrative presence.  Sadly, the message sent is not one I believe public schools should be sending.  These kids need to feel like school is for them and that their educational interests are important.  However, many of them feel like diversity and inclusion are “lip-service” at best.  It is my mission to change that.  On a positive note… I am SO PROUD of these kids.  They took on something new.  They overcame their fears.  They spoke up about a subject that is important to them.  They learned that they are part of a community.  They learned that the performing arts have the potential of effecting change.  What’s more, after the experience with the return of the missing money, I know I am making a difference in these kids lives.  It makes the fight and the long days worth it!

Meanwhile, the grandkids are getting big.  Freya is making her own soup now.  Lenayah is learning to “read.”  I love that her mom is teaching her to love books.  Ben and Freya went on a field trip to the zoo.  Holland and Beckett and Kaiden are doing well too (although mom’s didn’t post pictures of them this week for me to steal off of Facebook).

Chad is working on getting a new job.  His current job isn’t the greatest.  I am praying that something perfect for him will pop into his view.  He never posts pictures so I have to scramble and search to find anything.  No luck this week.

Hannah had her first transfer.  She is now in Willard, Missouri.  She is having all kinds of fun adventures, including zip lining.  She has met many people she will be life long friends with.  Now she is meeting new people and having new experiences.  She rides her bike a lot in her new area.  I can just imagine her zipping along with her cute little basket on her bike.

So… there was our week.  Things always seem to zip along when we are as busy as we are.  Still… we are feeling like 18 months is a long time.  Chatting with Hannah on Mother’s Day made us all miss her all the more.

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