#bethelight – Days 195, 196 and 197

Holy Cow!  My days get away from me!

Friday was a normal weekday… get up, get Lilli to seminary, go for a walk, get ready for school, teach a voice lesson or two, help in the theatre classes, mail a box…

Oh mail a box.  Friday my act of kindness was to mail a box to my missionary.  I sent her some things she needed and a 16 page hand-written letter.  Most people really enjoy snail mail.  You should pick someone and send them something.  🙂

Saturday I couldn’t get to my computer to write any blogs.  The reason?  My husband was helping me!  He was helping me with a video project.  It took all day.  His act of kindness will make lots of people happy.  DVD production is now in full swing.

Today is the Sabbath.  Today I plan on writing a positive message on a postcard.  Affirmations, love notes, and written acts of kindness truly have the power to lift the spirit!



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