Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Lilli’s CET Experience

Today I am celebrating my youngest and the joy she has found in Children’s Educational Theatre (CET).  I admit, it is a ton of work for me… but she is worth it!  Seven years ago I agreed to take on Technical Director for CET with the promise that my youngest would be able to participate.  Parenting comes first for me, so I go where my children go.

Lilli thrived at CET!  Lilli found confidence and her voice in CET.  She learned to be expressive.  It became her creative outlet over the summer when her dance classes were not as frequent.  Check out her faces in her first show.  LOL. Clearly, she learned to be comfortable on the stage.

That first year started her on a journey with some life long friends.  Her second year she played Annie Christmas in the play Annie Christmas.  She continued to learn skills in acting, projecting, gestures, and expression.

Her third year at CET she played a dancing crocodile in the park play that performed at Bush Park at the Salem Art Fair.  Her costume was very warm.  She learned to stay focused, even in difficult circumstances.

Her fourth year she was a royal duck in Honk, Jr on the main stage at South Salem High School.

Her fifth year she was back out at the park in the play at the Art Fair.  This time she played a dancing flamingo.

Her sixth year she was in the traveling show.  She got to play her first real serious role in the Orphan Train.

This year she played the lead in her seventh year at CET.  This was the final year in her journey with these kids.  If you look carefully at all the pictures you will see many faces that look familiar.  She grew up with these kids.  CET has helped her to develop into a  “triple threat” (just like her sister)… a performer who can sing, dance, and act with confidence.

Today on Satisfaction Saturday… I have to say I am satisfied with how much CET has given my Lilli.  I wish her siblings were here to see her shine.  Thankfully, one did.  Kimber got to see her perform.  However, since everyone is grown and gone, CET has been Lilli’s summer family.  Now that is worth the exhaustion I feel at the end of five weeks.  This is her last summer with all of these kids.  A few may return as TA’s… but most are done.  We will see what next summer will bring.

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