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Why I Love My Front Porch Swing


After a super long week I crave sitting on my porch swing and mentally taking a mini vacation.  It is my recovery place; a place to reduce my stress and tension, lift my spirits and calm my mind.  I can’t do the dishes, fold laundry, sweep the floor, stare at the mess I call home, do work on the computer, etc from the porch swing.  See?  Mini-vacation!  The porch swing is a great place for a good laugh… and laughter is the best medicine.  I love to read on my front porch swing.    It is the perfect place to think… to question… to wonder… and to plan my next blog.  My front porch often has a breeze.   My front porch swing is the perfect place to inhale a breathe of fresh air.  Crickets serenade me on the front porch swing.  Some of the best conversations happen on my front porch swing.  The porch swing is one of my favorite places to have a private and chat with one of the kids about one of those tricky topics like the birds and the bees. As an added bonus, there are actual birds and bees in view in the garden to use are object lessons. Perhaps my favorite “best” conversations are with God when I am sitting on the porch swing.  My swing is a great place to pray.  My front porch is the best place to drink lemonade in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter.

I am perfectly satisfied with my front porch swing.

You can get your own porch swing at some of these great establishments:



The Porch Swing Company

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