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365 Days of kindness

For the past year I have focused my days on spreading happiness.  I worked on being a ninga of niceness.  I found that kind acts make people happy, and happy people are nice to others, and the happiness grows and grows. I've learned a few things about myself and about kindness along my journey: Kindness… Continue reading 365 Days of kindness

Thought Tuesday

seeds of gratitude

Gratitude makes room for hope... real hope.  It fans the fire of hope and keeps the fire of joy and laughter alive, warming the soul. Gratitude is the light that allows us to see in an ever darkening world. Maybe my next year long kick should be about gratitude.  I will find more light in… Continue reading seeds of gratitude

Thought Tuesday

Improving Life

It is amazing that the Fresh Prince of Belair can be so wise.  Everyday I am learning that this statement is true.  My life is better each time I attempt to lift another. Be honest.  Most people want to feel like their life meant something, like they made a positive difference in the world.  This… Continue reading Improving Life

Thought Tuesday

I Need to be Nice for Me

I am discovering more and more throughout life that God does not NEED me to be nice.  I NEED me to be nice. Helping other and being kind to everyone you encounter warms your own heart.  Helping others gives you a fresh perspective and keeps you from focusing on your own problems.  Drawing the focus… Continue reading I Need to be Nice for Me

Thought Tuesday

I Will Not Forget

September 11, 2001 was a very bad day.  So many lives lost.  Civilian and heroes. September 11, 2001 is a day I also remember as a day of unparalleled courage and love.  Hero first responders courageously went up the stairs to help others flee from danger while thousands fled for their lives.  These heroes knew… Continue reading I Will Not Forget