Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Star War The Last Jedi


I’ve seen some hate floating around the release of the latest  Star Wars film.  I don’t get it.  I LOVED the latest in the Star Wars saga!


I loved old characters that made their return.  I loved the new characters that were introduced.  I loved the visuals and cinematography.  I loved the plot twists… surprised me a couple of times.  I loved the little funny moments.  I found these moments of levity and humor refreshing!  I loved how the film paid respects to the classic films.  It is full of little nods to the original that I loved seeing.  Yet, it clearly was blazing it’s own path.

I guess I follow the Resistance… we win “not by fighting what we hate, but by saving what we love.”

I have raised a whole generation of kids who also love all things Star Wars.

I guess I see The Last Jedi as a story about leaving the past behind while acknowledging what it has taught you and how it has changed you.  Check out how these characters support this theme:

No longer are the Skywalkers the only gifted ones of power.  Rey, of no famous lineage, the daughter of drunk traders who sold her of “pottage,” has the ability to cultivate the power within.


Luke leaves behind his reverence of the Jedi and his fear of the Sith.  He also leaves behind his guilt and the burden he has carried for failing Ben Solo.

Finn steps out of Rey’s shadow.  He begins to stand as a hero on his own.  He also finds a new love interest in Rose.

Leia finds closure with her brother and her husband.  She even gets a moment with her son (when he doesn’t pull the trigger).  I also loved seeing her use “the force.”

Rey leaves behind the dream of finding her parents and leaves behind romanticizing their existence.  She leaves behind the need to follow someone else’s path and forges her own future.


Kylo Ren just wants to burn it all down.  LOL!  He wants to forget the past entirely, to shake off the shackles and weight of the past… yet even smashing his helmet doesn’t help him to leave behind what haunts him.

I love how this film tears down “Star Wars”, to it’s foundation, and then builds it back up for this new, modern generation.

I think I loved the little boy, Temiri, and his friends the best.  His character is so symbolic of the renewal of story telling with this film.  This little boy was a slave.  He had a cruel master.  Yet, “travelers from distant worlds bring them fragmented tales of adventure that excites their young imaginations.” (The Visual Dictionary).

At the end of the film Teriri and his friends play with a makeshift doll of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker at the Battle of Crait.  Luke’s final heroic act has become a legend.  A new spark is ignited against tyranny.  Then, the coda… a little boy looking to the stars armed with a “light saber” broom and hope.


Now we are on to the next generation of kids who love Star Wars.  I now have grand kids who are looking toward a galaxy far, far away and dreaming.  Luke’s legacy is passed down to the next generation.  This film succeeds to fuel hope, a new hope.  This film sets up future Star Wars film with an electrifying new sense of purpose.  Temiri, like my grand son, is now the galaxy’s next great hero.

A new hope.

I found that Last Jedi answered some questions, left some questions open and has left me wanting more.  I am very satisfied with how this move turned out.

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