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The Most Talented Hannah Boyack 

Hannah is growing into one incredible performer.  She is only 14 and sings like a pro.  She always amazes me.  In April, she was asked to sing for the Mr. and Ms. Central pageant.  The pageant earned money for a kid in the school who needed extra help because an operation had left him paralyzed.  I believe the song she chose was perfect.  His family is doing all they can to help him be in dependent and to truly “fly” on his own.  Her song at the end of the show, while judges finished their tallies was perfect.  Maybe someday she will be famous.  Meanwhile, she is a star in my heart.
Hannah Boyack Singing Fly, Fly Away

She also was given the opportunity to sing with the Salem Chamber Orchestra cello section.  They came to Monmouth to perform for the elementary schools.  They requested that a students sing a section of Summertime from Porgy and Bess, as part of their program.  Jeff Witt selected Hannah.  The group expected a high school student.  They were shocked to learn she was only a 8th grade student.  They were so impressed with Hannah’s talent that they changed their original plan and had her sing the entire song.

Hannah Boyack singing Summer Time from Porgy and Bess – age 14

She is most definitely the best 14 year old singer I’ve ever heard!  Maybe it will pay for school someday.  😉

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