Family Friday

Someone is getting BIG! 

Benjermin is getting so big!  Kimber and Ray blessed him this month.  My parents came over from Bend.  Ray’s grandparents came from Utah.  My mom helped me make his blessing outfit.  John got him a Missionary tag.  He was so cute!  He was nice through the blessing.  No crying.  Kimber is doing a great job as a new parent.  I have to say, being a grandparents is the best!  One of the best parts of being a grandparent is that you can spoil the kids… you actually have the means.  When my kids were little I was too poor to spoil them.  I’m having a great time finding little things to will bring a smile to a face… like a great stroller I found at a second hand store and the airplane jumpy thing.  🙂

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