Theatre Thursday

Teaching Basic Skills

Right now, at CET, I am teaching a beginning tech theatre class.  The majority of the students in my class are between 4th and 7th grade.  This past week I taught them a 3 day unit on costuming.  We didn’t make anything a person could wear.  We learned basic hand sewing skills.  We learned how to thread a needle, a whip stitch, a running stitch and how to sew on a button.

It was difficult for some of the kids to catch on to the skills.  It was difficult for a some of the kids to keep going even though it was hard.

However, when they succeeded completing a little pouch, they were thrilled!  They all need more practice, but now they know that they can learn new things, even if it’s hard.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Basic Skills”

  1. Awesome, I think it is an important thing to teach young people skills and how to do things. Working with your hands is really rewarding.


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