Thought Tuesday

I Will Not Forget

September 11, 2001 was a very bad day.  So many lives lost.  Civilian and heroes. September 11, 2001 is a day I also remember as a day of unparalleled courage and love.  Hero first responders courageously went up the stairs to help others flee from danger while thousands fled for their lives.  These heroes knew… Continue reading I Will Not Forget

Warrior Wednesday

Interdependent Warrior Women

Lately I've been hearing so much banter with people adamant about their person freedom and individuality.  I get it.  It's important.  However, I believe freedom cannot come at the expense of everyone else.  No one gets their freedom because of anything they do for themselves.  We enjoy freedom because of the collective efforts of people… Continue reading Interdependent Warrior Women

Thought Tuesday

We the People

This morning I observed a city council meeting that the entire senior and junior classes were invited to listen and to comment. A couple of things caught my attention. 1) It was apparent that many of these kids do not understand what city government can do vs what is the responsibility of other governmental agencies.… Continue reading We the People

Family Friday

Freedoms Sacrifice Remembered

Again... I had this written and couldn't attach photos while I was at the coast for a few days. Today for Family Friday I want to pay my respects and give thanks for the many men and women who sacrifice in the service of our country and communities to ensure freedom and certain standard of… Continue reading Freedoms Sacrifice Remembered