Warrior Wednesday

Interdependent Warrior Women

Lately I’ve been hearing so much banter with people adamant about their person freedom and individuality.  I get it.  It’s important.  However, I believe freedom cannot come at the expense of everyone else.  No one gets their freedom because of anything they do for themselves.  We enjoy freedom because of the collective efforts of people who rose up and declared that liberty for all was more important than tyranny.  Out forefathers worked together to create our opportunities of freedom.


We depend on each other.  Maybe we should be celebrating “interdependence.”  Interdependence is the quality or condition of being mutually reliant on each other.  Everyone benefits.  Stop trying to deny it.  Whether we agree or not over politics, we all need each other.  We depend on each other to get through each day.  We depend on public servants – the police officers, firemen, teachers, medical personal, even the gas station attendant.  They depend on us – with our tax dollars, and shopping dollars.  Even the so-called self-made individual depends on others.  You work for someone who pays you.  You have a business and customers pay you.  See!  We are all interdependent!

Freedom means many different things to many different people.  Some think of freedom in politics – having the opportunity to vote for particular ideas, people, or parties that best represents you.  For some Freedom is tied to freedom of speech – having the liberty to voice an opinion or personal perspective.  Some view freedom as financial freedom – free from debt and burdensome loans.

Our real independence comes from our dependence… 


True freedom begins in the heart.  We act on our thoughts and behave according to our desires.  We are free to choose.  Yet, we are unending dependence on God.  God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to walk and serve among the children of men, willing to sacrifice all, even His life as a ransom for all mankind from their sins and pains and disappointments.  As we turn to Him we experience true freedom… a freedom that exists only in Jesus Christ.  As we repent, gaining a new heart, through Christ, we are set free.

This is true freedom.

A Warrior embraces freedom in doing what’s right.


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