Thought Tuesday

Reflection a Sunny Disposition

My friend Sheri and I had a chat about the symbolism and the healing powers flowers have on our souls.  We discussed how one particular flower, the sunflower, could be healing and inspiring for me.  I’ve been pondering that conversation for several days.

Truthfully, although I love red roses, no flower can lift my spirits like a sunflower.  They are bright and cheery.  They are as inviting as the warm sunshine.  Sunflowers have an un-mistakable sun-like appearance, with ray-like pedals extending from a warm center.

These stunningly beautiful flowers, ranging from small to very large, from yellow pedals to red, are rich in history and meaning.

The sunflower moves itself in the most direct position of the sun so it can get the most sun rays… so symbolic of spiritual faith… so symbolic of true worship.  A true  disciple turns to basic in the light of the Son.


Sunflowers are a symbol of unwavering faith; loyalty and dedicated love; devotion and adoration.


The flower is a symbol of happiness, radiance and all things that are positive.  Sunflowers are often used for all kinds of joyous events such as weddings, parties, and birthdays. The seem to remind the mind to be joyful.  This “happy” flower is the perfect gift to bring joy to someone’s day… or maybe even your own day!21463036_10159280236500635_1225814400953126893_n

The sunflower is believed to be a very lucky symbol.  It is viewed as symbolizing career ambitions, wealth, good fortune and positive opportunities.  It is a lucky charm!


In China, the sunflower is a symbol for long life.  It may be due to the sun which many believe to have eternal or enduring life.


Sunflowers have the unique ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrancy… attributes that mirror the sun and the energy it provides with heat and light.To the Native Americans, sunflowers represents harvest, bounty, and provision… much like the sun gives life to the planet and son gives life to our souls.

This flower, with it’s sunny charm and disposition, is a flower that needs to be passed around.  I think I will get some tomorrow!

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