Theatre Thursday

Honk the Musical – Family adventure… 

This spring we all tried something a little new… well new for Chad.  Chad decided to try-out for the school musical – Honk.  He was cast as the role of the bull frog.  He also played a bird in the beginning scenes of the show.  Hannah was cast as Henrietta the hen.  She had a couple singing lines and I have to say she was my favorite bird.  Lillian was cast as one of the Ugly Ducklings 7 siblings.   She did a great job.  Even without a mic I could hear her strong voice during the songs she was assigned to sing.

Chad brought the house down with his hilarious portrayal of the Bull frog.  He was ask to make the frog seem a bit spacey and very “hippy”.  He must have been successful.  When the local paper came, the reporter asked the director, “Just how stoned is that frog supposed to be?”  LOL.  Thankfully, I can report he was NOT stoned.
The main characteristic of the frog is that he thinks he is funny…. but he is not.  Chad used his grandpa as his inspiration.  LOL.  All the “froggettes” acted like grandma and rolled their eyes.  It made me laugh every time…. all too familiar!
Hannah fits right in with the high school crowd.  She will be a freshman next year.  She will be a major contender.  Not only did she prove herself to be as great actor (hence the best bird in the yard), an untouchable singer, but she proved that she works harder than any of the other high school students.  She never missed a set building day.  She handled all the cordless mics.  She was the last student to leave because she was working.  She also defended the underdog and was a joy to be around.  Those high school students should feel intimidated.  She is a contender.  She has made her mark.
I think is was also memorable because we all got to see Chad dance once again.  LOL.  The dancing wasn’t his favorite.  I’m pretty sure he complained ever time he had to go to dance practice.  It might be what holds him back from ever doing a musical again.  That is ok.  I could use him on the sound board.  I really don’t have a good sound guy.  I’d love it if he would try his hand at sound.
Lillian and her fellow baby ducks sat for a good 20 minutes in these “eggs” I made.  I took me awhile to dream up how to create eggs the actors could “hatch” from.  I finally used, fleece and hula hoops.  Don’t ask.  It was pretty crazy that worked.  I even made a “double-yolker” that two kids “hatched” from.  In all, I’d say the eggs were a hit.
This was by far the simplest set I’ve designed.  Originally, we were going to take the show to all the elementary schools.  In the end, the elementary schools came to us.  We did two shows with 600 students each.  Our night time audiences were respectable as well… between 175 and 250 each performance.  Not bad.  We paid for the show and have seed money for next season which includes Little Mermaid Jr, Once Upon a Mattress and The Importance of Being Ernest.
In all…. it was a great experience… all but the fact that I had very little help on the set.  Most of the painting and building was Hannah and myself.  Good to know I can still operate a saw and a cordless drill without too much flinching.  LOL.
We all had a GREAT time!  Sad if you missed it!
Originally posted by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger on May 15, 2012.

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