Scripture Sunday

Reflections on Come Follow Me – the First Week

My husband has been away on business all week but I was determined to at least start this new thing off to the best of my ability. So, last Sunday, I sat down with Lilli and we made a plan. First, we assigned reading for each day of the week and we talked about using a study journal. Then, each day after that we talked about the principles we learned. We even did a FHE. One week = success!

I learned some things and was reminded of some things through my study and through our discussions. First, things I was reminded of… the purpose of studying the gospel of Jesus Christ, the purpose for materials that the Church provides is to HELP us come unto Christ, to become more deeply committed to Christ, to deepen my understanding of the scriptures, and to find spiritual strength for when things get tough. After a week of studying and discussing things with Lilli, I think what I am really after is PEACE. peace only come in and through Jesus Christ.

I was also struck with how important it is to go to the source when seeking truth – when seeking peace. If I want to know what God wants me to know I have to ASK God. So many people are content to believe the opinions of others with out going to God to seek the truth. Perhaps they don’t really trust god will answer them. Perhaps they are afraid of truth and what happens when they learn truth.

Learning for myself takes action. It takes making an effort to live a principle before I can truly understand it. Learning involves practice. Learning takes experimentation. Learning involves feasting and devouring the words of Christ in scriptures, through His prophets and through the whispering of the Spirit.

“If any man will DO his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.” – John 7:17

I am excited to increase gospel learning at home. I really haven’t been very good at throughout my kids lives. I’ve got one more teen at home. I really don’t want to blow this one.

Family traditions within the gospel is the vehicle that carries our family toward our vision. Vehicles come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. What we choose to do to teach our families the gospel of Jesus Christ will vary from family to family. What principles we focus on, what methods we use to teach the principles, how often we choose to teach all depend on the ages of the family members and the needs within the family. Vehicles require maintenance and care. Gospel learning within the family needs regular attention. Vehicles need some kind of navigation. Gospel learning within the family needs the guidance of the Spirit and the parents.

Do I take my “vehicle” for granted? Do I sit back, turn on cruise control, and zone out? These are questions I need to answer and if needed, make changes so that our vehicle “arrives” to the destination safely.

So, here are the goals Lilli and made, with John’s blessing.

We will use Sunday as our FHE day and begin the week of study together.

We will have 3 hours on Sunday for together activities and without any technical devices – no electronics. This time would can include meal prep, games, family discussions, walks, family history and music. It all counts, as long as the phones and tv are not a part of the 3 hours.

We will spend 30 minutes each Sunday on family history. Much of the “finding” is done. Sure, there are a few places that need attention so we will work on that, but there are other ways to do family history. We decided to scan pictures and to record stories counts as family history too.

We will spend personal time each day improving our own person study of the scriptures and of General Conference.

We will spend at least 10 minutes each day discussing the assigned reading for the day and discussing gospel principles.

Those are our goals as we move forward with Come Follow Me.

What did you learn this first week? What goals did you make?

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