Satisfaction Saturday

One YEAR! Satisfied with Blogging

Happy Blog-versary!

It’s crazy that I have been writing this blog, Resigning as the General Manger of the Universe, here on WordPress, for ONE YEAR!  The year has gone by fast!  I guess it’s true… time flies when you are having fun.

I am proud of the progress I have made to date with this blog.  I didn’t really know what to expect when I started all of this consistent blogging stuff a year ago.  I had given myself a few goals:  I wanted to post nearly everyday.  I wanted to focus on one subject per day.  I wanted to post information that might interest and inspire others… or at the very least, help them to feel better.  I wanted to enjoy writing.  I wanted to increase my skills as a writer.  I wanted to enjoy blogging.  Well… most of these goals I have succeeded!  I LOVE blogging.  I love writing about my healthy lifestyle changes.  I have lost 100 pound eating after the manner of Eat to Live in this past year.  More to go… so more to write.  I love writing random thoughts that pop into my brain.  I have been learning how voice my opinion in a positive manner.  So many more subjects to cover there!  I love writing to inspire myself to rise to a more accomplished Warrior Woman.  I am hoping that my Warrior journey will strengthen my daughters and grand-daughters in an ever increasingly challenging world.   I love writing about my theatre obsession.  With six show a year at the high school and eight show in the CET season, I have plenty of material to write about.  I LOVE writing about my family’s activities!  I love my family.  Writing about our adventures helps me feel even more connected to them.  I especially LOVE to write about my spiritual learning and journey.  I love writing out what the Spirit teaches me.  It makes those testimony penetrate deeply into my soul.  Writing about my spiritual journey has increased my desire to know God more fully and to follow Him endlessly. I have found that the process of writing everyday is healing and that it is cathartic to pour out my heart here, on my blog.

Lastly on my list, I have a goal to make blogging my full time job.  However, it isn’t a deal breaker.  I get so much from the writing process and from the followers I do have.

My followers are slowly growing.  I must say… THANK YOU!  A kind comment from one of you really makes my day!  Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, and to follow me on social media.  Thank you for the likes, the comments, and the shares of my post.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy and stressful days to interact with me.  You really have no idea how much that means to me!


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