Menu Monday

I am enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies that are available.  Cherries are some of my favorites!  On Monday I enjoyed cherries and a veggie burrito.  Then, I enjoyed a great salad with a Mexican twist.

mon 7.30

On Tuesday I ate the leftovers of the marinara sauce full of shredded zucchini from my garden and pasta with a side of cherries for lunch.  For dinner I made a tofu stir fry with baby bok choy and an onion from the garden.

tues 7.31

Wednesday I ate blackberries and streamed cauliflower and broccoli for lunch.  For dinner I made a breaded baked zucchini.  I used egg and a little Parmesan for the breading.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had “real” cheese.  They were tasty, however, I don’t think they much real cheese agreed with me.  Oh… and I had to through out a couple of the berries.  It wasn’t until I took the picture that I noticed a little mold.  Rats!  Let’s just say that I was quickly picking through and washing them!

wed 8.1

Thursday… I am not one for wasting food, so I ate the lasted of the breaded zucchini and 1/2 a fresh cantaloupe for lunch.  I had a nice kale salad and tomato juice for dinner.

thur 8.2

Friday I enjoyed the other half of the cantaloupe and salad for lunch.  I enjoyed some black bean and sweet potato soup for dinner.

fri 8.3

Saturday was more of the black bean and sweet potato soup with a little guacamole and corn chips for lunch.  I enjoyed blackberries (a definite favorite) and a stir fry for dinner.  I found a weird cross between a cauliflower and broccoli at the farmer’s market.  I added mushrooms and baby bok choy, and an onion from the farmer’s market with some tofu for dinner.

sat 8.4

I fasted on Sunday… lots of things on my mind and heart.  I broke the fast with salad, cantaloupe and blackberries.  I also had a vegan hot dog on a piece of bread, but I forgot to take a picture.

sun 8.5

Okay… I am not noticing more and more that not all plants are the same.  Some of them are not as “healthy” as others.  I am also positive that I have not deprived by eating a plant-powered diet.  A plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrifice or missing out.  I mean… check out all those awesome colors!  And I can’t even begin to describe the flavors of fresh foods from the garden or the farmer’s market!  Oh… and I do get enough protein and I am really not all that hungry.  I really do get enough.  And… now that I’ve done this for awhile, I realize I feel a ton better… sure wish the body would decide that I am feeding it good nutrition and that it would be okay to let go of more fat… but it will come when it comes.  Meanwhile, I will work at being healthy and try not to focus on the scale.

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