Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfying Hard Work

I am feeling very satisfied with the hard working, giving spirit of the kids and family members that came to work on the set over this Labor Day weekend.  While others were spending time playing, these awesome people labored!


Hardworking students really is an endangered species in today’s environment.  I am blessed to have a plethora of hardworking students within my circle.


It really starts with hardworking parents, parents who are willing to work hard and to contribute to the success of students.


Most kids these days would rather let their brains get sucked into their cellular devices.  They would rather participate in a virtual reality than to engage in real life.


While many of their peers risk killing creativity and humanity with the latest digital technologies, these kids took part in real life.  They worked together and accomplished great things in our work party hours.


It is a ray of hope to mingle with these students, still interested in growing as human beings through education and culture.


The students I interact with remind me that there is hope in an ever challenging world; there is light; there is kindness; there is success.


Yesterday we started the largest set project I have ever taken on.  I started the day anxious, wondering what I had done!  I ended the day knowing that, with these great students and parent volunteers are my team, we would succeed.  I can’t wait to see the finished product as we work together to build something of beauty.  Best of all, I know that no matter how the “art” turns out, the kids are becoming the awesome adults we need for a bright future.

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