Menu Monday

Ending My Summer, but Keeping Plant Power!

Okay… I really need to make more time for food.  Today I had trouble finding the time to make and eat food.  So much to do and so little time to do it!  I am happy to report that I didn’t cave and eat crappy food just because I was starving.  Last week was a good week as well, although I ate more eggs than I usually do, I was successful in eating plants as my main source of energy.


Monday I had a salad for lunch with a side of watermelon.  At dinner time I made a version of Chef salad.  It was all pretty tasty.


On Tuesday I had salad for lunch with a side of my roasted pepper and tomato soup.  Dinner time I was in the mood for fruit, so I had watermelon and cantaloupe with a hard boiled egg.


On Wednesday I had a salad for lunch.  At dinner time I had veggie Nachos with veggie cheese.  I was craving broccoli tots, so I made a batch of those as well.


Thursday I took my daughter and her friends to the movies.  I got a light Greek salad and bread sticks there.  I also finished off the leftovers of the broccoli tofu stuff at lunch time.


Friday was a nutty day.  I worked nearly all day in my theatre cleaning it up so I would be ready for the set build days over the weekend.  I was smart and packed a salad for lunch.  However, I didn’t leave the school until late and I needed to go shopping for supplies for the set build.  My husband found a veggie burger at Burgerville and brought it to me.  When we got home around 10:30pm, I couldn’t resist and ate a few tortilla chips with green salsa.


I didn’t plan well on Saturday either.  I took some hummus and some veggies to the set build, but it was another long day.  My husband and I didn’t leave the school until well after 8:00 pm.  I had made potato soup a few days earlier, so I just had a bowl of that before collapsing in my bed.


Sunday we went to church.  I only had 30 minutes after we got home at 2:30 before I needed to be at an Eagle Court of Honor.  So I ate a quick grilled cheese sandwich made with my veggie cheese.  We had breakfast for dinner.  I made a veggie thing with zucchini, tomatoes, and egg plant from my garden.  I also threw in some onion and mushrooms before adding a few scrambled eggs and veggie cheese.  I was very tasty.  We went to eat birthday cake with our grand daughter in the evening.  I didn’t eat cake.  I ate fresh pear instead.

So… there is the week.  Not bad, but not stellar either.  Sadly, I haven’t started out great in this week either.  However. I will whip myself into shape by tomorrow and meal plan and meal prep to my little hearts content!


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