Family Friday

Last Week of Summer

We have reached the end of summer… a little bitter sweet.  Summer was too short.  New chapters are always exciting.

To celebrate, Lillian went to the beach with her youth group.  We haven’t been able to break away from life and get to the beach much this year.  I am so glad that she got to go to one of her “happy” places.

We went to another movie with a group of her friends.  This time we went to Northern Lights, a theatre that you can order dinner and watch movies at a reduced rate because they have been out in theatre’s for a while.  This was a larger group than the last group.  They were super fun.  Lillian embarrassed herself when she reached for more popcorn and knocked a cup off the table.  It may have been dark, but I could see her turning red as the cup bounced down the theatre.

Lilli also spent her last days of summer setting up a laptop computer she bought herself and snuggling her dogs.

I picked a ton of tomatoes, peppers and onions form our garden and canned a batch of roasted tomato and pepper soup.

I also went out to Pentacle Theate and played a cameo part of Grandma in the production of Savannah Sipping Society that my friends directed.  It was super fun.  I must say, I’m pretty good at faking my own death.  LOL.

It was also “back-to-school” week for teacher.  The meetings were not mandatory for me, however, I did go to some.  I went to district meetings because they needed my help in the theatre to run sound, computers, and the like.  I went to others because I thought it would be helpful when I sub or as I work with theatre students on a daily basis.  I also took 16 TSP classes/classes for safe school.  I passed them all.

We went to the park and watched Lillian dance in the summer recital.  Her friend Leah came up with her sister Naomi to watch too.  I must admit, until Lillian hit the stage, I was distracted by the entertainment of Freya shaking her boot-ay and Holland flirt with everyone who caught his eye.

We also continued into week two of rehearsals for Mamma Mia.  This week we started the new element of choreography.  So far I think the new choreographer will be fun.

Meanwhile, in Utah, my sister-in-law, Gena, stopped by to see McKay’s family and Chad.  She had Beckett giggling so hard!  The video she posted was super cute.

Lenayah started school too.  I think it’s a hit.  She just marched in and didn’t look back.  I think school will be her thing.


Beckett turned TWO!  It’s hard to believe he is getting so old.  It seems like yesterday that Lillian and I drove down and were there for his arrival.

Back in Monmouth, Kimber and family are still working on getting things together move in with us.  Holland is getting big, is trying foods, sits on his own, and army crawls to get where he wants to go.  As you can imagine, his busy life style is exhausting for his mom.

Hannah is having a great time serving a mission.  This week, a man she had been teaching got baptized.  It was a joyous occasion.


So, that was the week.  Now we are off to a new week.  Things to look forward to in this coming week?  Beginning the set for Mamma Mia, more rehearsals, school starting, and all the fun that comes with a new school year.



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