Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Keen Sandals

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Today I am satisfied with my Keen sandals.  I have 3 pairs.  That should tell you how much I love these shoes.

These sandals are versatile, comfortable and up for all the activities I do… I know.  I am not hiking everywhere.  I don’t raft rivers.  I do, however, work in a scene shop.  I do need a pair of shoes that can support my over weight body.

These shoes are comfortable.  They have been from the start.  They are so comfortable that I wear them everyday… and now I have 3 pairs.  The first pair is a bit worn and covered in paint and the other 2 pairs are quickly joining the ranks of work shoes.  I where them to the river and to the beach.  I wear them to church.  I where them on walks.  Why?  Because my feet don’t hurt after wearing them all day.  There is plenty of room for my toes.  They support my flat feet.  I have never gotten a blister wearing these shoes.

You can buy these shoes on Keen Sandals on Amazon

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