Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfaction Preserved

This is canning season.  Most years I am filling my canning jars with tomatoes, salsa, peaches, grape juice, and apple juice.  I have done a little canning, so far.  However, this year I am filling my jars with weekly food… salads in a jar, soups in a jar, and smoothies in a jar.

Finding a flat metal lid and a non-rusty ring in my kitchen is tough.  The flats seem to always get lost in a kitchen cabinet somewhere.  This can be a little annoying when I only wanted to use a small amount of the jar’s content and I need to store the rest in the refrigerator.

Problem is solved with these plastic storage caps…


I love these lids!  They are much more convenient than finding lost lid.   They are reusable.  They are dish washer safe and freezer safe.  They form a tight seal and are great for storing salad in a jar, soups in a jar, and storing dry items such as rice, pasta, or flour.

A second great thing about these lids is that these plastic lids do not contain BPA.  With my new healthier out look on food, I am trying hard to be aware of BPA.  This is a plus.


Another nifty thing about these lids is that I can write on them.  Dry erase markers work great! The ink goes on easily and comes off easily with soap and water.

I’ve been able to buy these lids at Bi-Mart and Wal-Mart.  You can even get them on Amazon.

These lids are well worth the investment!!!

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