Scripture Sunday

Glory of Truth Enlightened

D&C 93:36 “The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth.”

I’ve heard this scripture for most of my life.  It is the motto of the university I attended and graduated from.

Intelligence usually is coupled with gathering of information… learning… thinking.  God wants us to learn.  He wants us to be life-long-learners.  “O how great the holiness of our God!  For he knoweth all things, and there is not anything save he knows it” (2 Nephi 9:20).  Omniscience is an attribute I associate with God.  The Godhead thinks as one.  As one member processes information the others do the same.  As we learn more, as we gather more light and truth, we begin to think as God thinks.


(All knowing… maybe it’s a bit like the information age we live in with the internet, e-mail, iphones, blogs, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.  All these “engines” allow us to store, translate, share, and process data information and such at speeds I don’t really comprehend.  Something to ponder… hmmm…).


All that is good comes from God… it doesn’t matter what the subject is.  He wants us to learn.  As we learn and gather knowledge we are following is direction to “study and learn, and become acquainted with all good books, and with languages, tongues, and people” (D&C 90:15).  “Verily I say unto you, that it is my will that you should… obtain a knowledge of history, and of countries, and of kingdoms, of laws of God and man, and all this for the salvation of Zion” (D&C 93:53).  The cool thing is, what we learn here we get to take with us!



I think of glory as light.  Artist have often illustrates heavenly figures with halos to display their glory.  Halos, light looking disks above their heads, seem to symbolize this light.  Scriptures speak of heavenly messengers in actual bright light.  This makes since… especially when you consider the phrase, “light and truth.”

Truth is hard to visualize.

Sometimes it is hard to find truth.  Information is everywhere!  But lets face it, not all learning is of equal value.  God gives us a clue.  Truth is “the knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come”.  Our challenge is to discern truth.

I am learning that the greatest knowledge I can obtain is knowledge that teaches me about God – his identity and nature, people – their origin and potential, and the purpose in life.  Understanding these three basic truths helps me understand truth as God defines it.

Today I have pondering light and truth.  Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is man’s emergence from self-imposed nonage.  Nonage is the inability to use one’s understanding without someone else’s guidance.  Enlightenment is getting outside the box and expanding horizons.  There is a difference between doing well in school and being educated.  True education is learning how to learn.  Knowledge is gathering information and bits of facts.  Wisdom is knowing how to use it.  Intelligence means applying the knowledge we gain for a righteous purpose.  Intelligence is gathering light and truth.

Knowledge comes in steps… line upon line, precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:10).

The great Enlightenment, often referred to as the Age of Reason, was a turning point in the Western world.  Politics, philosophy, science, and communication radically changed.  Enlightenment thinkers illuminated human intellect and culture after a long period of darkness and despair.  Enlightenment thinkers in Britain, France and all throughout Europe questioned authority and embraced the idea humanity could be improved through knowledge, truth and light.


Enlightenment thinking influenced the French and American revolutions.  Revolutionaries like Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson redefined freedom as they penned the Declaration of Independence.  Enlightenment thinking opened the world of science and changed how we view possibilities.  Thinkers such as Nicolaus Copernicus opened our minds to heliocentric (sun-center) universe theory; Joann Kepler opened minds to planetary motion and Galileo opened minds to theories of motion and inertia.   Isaac Newton opened minds to the law of gravity and understanding of a mechanical universe. Enlightenment thinking caused reform in religion by giving the Bible to the people and teaching them to read and to write and to communication.   Enlightenment thinking paved the way for Romanticism, Liberalism and Classicism.  We owe a debt to these Enlightenment thinkers!

Glory, God’s glory is intelligence.

Abraham 3:22 teaches us that before the world was intelligences were “organized… and among all these were many of the noble and great ones.”  The next verse states that “God saw these souls that they (we,ME) were good”!

As we gain knowledge; as we gain light and truth, we add to our intelligence.  As our own light and truth grows we add to God’s glory!  “The Glory of God is INTELLIGENCE[S]!

His “work and His Glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39).

Everything God has done, does now and will do is to help us gather light and truth… which adds to His glory.

“The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not;” (D&C 88:49).

hmmm… “light” is information.  When comprehended, “light” is intelligence.  The receiver of said “light” is intelligence, which is God’s glory!

Bring on the LIGHT!  Time to shine and reflect the GLORY!

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