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September is Off and We are Running

September is off and running…. and we are running!  I’ve started building the set for Addams Family the Musical.  The show opens in 7 weeks.  Holy Cow!  So much to do!  At least I am getting kids to come and help.  My friend John Hatch is helping a ton too.  This is going to be fun!  We also finished blocking Act 1 this week.  Not bad for a 3 day school week.

We celebrated Freya’s 3rd birthday.  Kimber made a cake. The Jessops came to our hose for cake and ice cream   The big people played cards… of course.  Kimber and Ray got Freya a bike.  I think she likes it because it’s pink.

I was able to find an Elsa dress, complete with tiara, gloves, necklace, and hair to clip on for $16.  Freya loves Elsa.  I knew it would be a hit!  Just look at that face!  I’m pretty sure she hasn’t taken it off all week.

Jonathon is visiting for a few days before he heads back to Hawaii for school.  I ask him to smile for a picture for Chad and this is what I got:


Goof balls!  While we were having the party, a member of the ward where Chad is serving sent us a picture of him…



So we got together and took this for him.  He had already left the member’s home.  Hopefully he will see it soon.


Meanwhile, we spend time on Sunday afternoons chatting with McKay on Skype.  The picture on the right is often my view.  It cracks me up.  She usually calls while she is making dinner.  I love chatting… even if it seems short.

John’s little red Honda died.  Ray tried to resurrect it, but it was hopeless.  So… being the nice wife that I am… I bought John a new to us car.  Lucky for John I had just been to the bank and cashed a couple checks, and had put some money aside for Christmas.  I was able to scrape together a down payment.  I also did research.  I knew that the car wasn’t ok, so I spent some time searching out cars that would be a good fit for his needs.  I settled on something that would get 51 mpg, a Toyota Prius Hybrid.  After all, he drives an hour and 15 minutes each way to and from work.  I searched for what would be considered a fair price as well.  I found one at a dealership in Dallas.  We went to check it out.  John stayed in the car to do somethings for work.  I got out and looked at the engine to see if there were leaks, that belts were tight, etc.  The engine was clean.  The tail pipe proved that the car burned fuel.  We went for a test drive and I told the man I was ready to buy the car.  Although John went for the test drive, he didn’t start off with me for the deal making.  I told him I had a sizable down but I would only pay a certain price.  He said he couldn’t do that, so I stood up to leave.  He changed his mind.  (Large grin).  At any rate, we drove home with a car that all the doors shut tight – no leaks, a side mirror still attached to the car, a speedometer, seats that actually sit up, and air conditioner that still works, great gas mileage, and I actually am ok getting in and out of the car.  So, John is driving in style and I succeeded in getting the car payment down to $112 a month.  The gas savings alone, pays for the car payment.


Ben had his first day of school this week.  I hear he likes it and wants to take himself to class.  He even asked if he could walk to school by himself.  ummmm… no.  Freya has a back pack too. I hope she doesn’t get bored all day while Ben is gone.

Lilli had her first day as a high school student.  She is a little stressed, but she will be a great high school student.  I will admit she has a ton going on and I get why she is stressed.  She started seminary this week – starts at 6:00.  She started Main Street (a choir at school) this week – starts at 7:00.  She has a full load of classes – 2 choirs, Honors English, Algebra, Physical Science, Spanish, a production class and stage make up.  Homework has already started.  After classes she goes to rehearsal.  M-Th she goes from rehearsal to the dance studio.  That started this week too.  She doesn’t get home until after 8:00 pm.  That is 14 hours away from home.  She is tired!  But not so tired that she didn’t go to the football game tonight (singing the National Anthem and hanging out with her friends) and to the Welcome Back dance.  Tomorrow she starts work at the Dance Studio.  As you can see, she has a heavy schedule for a 14 year old.  No wonder she was feeling stressed.


I started back at the high school for the school year.  Most of what I do is volunteer, and they keep me hopping at the high school.  I don’t get there until 30 minutes before 3rd period starts and then I don’t leave until after play rehearsal.  So far this week, I’ve set up and taken down an assembly in the auditorium, a new sound system in the new gym – twice – for assemblies, and set up a dance.  I still help with classes.  There are 3 drama classes this year instead of 2.  Since the house feels weird empty, I don’t mind staying and helping.  I still have plenty to do to get ready for Addams Family too.


Hannah is keeping busy working at Jamba Juice.  She also sings in the choir at Willamette… for the time being.


Meanwhile, the state is on fire.  It is sad that so many of the fires are set by careless people.  Cool places from Crater Lake to the Gorge by Multnomah Falls are getting burned to the ground.

The smoke is bad.  The sun is darkened.  I can’t breathe.  My eyes are constantly watering and itching.  It’s cravy what is going on in the world… Major fires in Oregon, Northern California, Washington, Idaho, and Montana… hurricanes and flooding in Texas… hurricanes and flooding in Florida… a huge earthquake in Idaho and in Mexico… Things are getting weird for sure.


We decided to add to the smoke.  John decided to burn the burn pile… ummm…. after a dry summer it didn’t need extra fuel… but he added it anyway.


It’s been a good week.  What is life without family?  Nothing!  Family is everything!


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