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Satisfied With Tempered Glasslock Storage Containers

Last week on Satisfaction Saturday I told you all about how I love the reusable lids for canning jars.  With all prep I do in a week, I need containers that will keep the food fresh to the end of the week.  A few months ago I discovered tempered glasslock storage containers.


I got my containers from Amazon  (mostly because I hate shopping and sitting at my computer clicking a button is far more appealing then wandering around store after store).  You can order your set from Amazon here.  However, I also discovered you can find these nifty containers at Target and some Walmarts as well.

Now, you might be wondering why I like these nifty storage containers.

First, I am not a fan of plastic.  It pits.  After awhile, food tastes funny when stored in plastic.  Most of the plastic I’ve owned hasn’t survived the microwave or the dishwasher well.  I lose the lids… ALL THE TIME!

I am a glassware convert!  Now that I have seen the light, I’d like to help guide you to the light!

On the shallow end, glass looks prettier.  I’ve posted pictures of my fridge.  Doesn’t it all look pretty and colorful all stored in glass?

Glass containers retain their crystal clear attractiveness forever.  Unlike it’s plastic rivals, glass does not absorb dyes or colors.  Glass does not absorb odors.  You can store onions one day and the next store whip cream and there is no transfer of smell.

Glass containers keep food safe.  I’ve noticed that science no longer questions if toxic substances migrate from plastic to food.  Now they are concerned with how much toxins transfer to the food.  In addition, glass is cleaner than plastic.  Glass’ non-porous surface doesn’t absorb germs and can safely be washed at high temperature.

Glass enhances flavor.  Remember when milk came in jars? It sure was tasty back then (not that I drink milk now.)  Even spaghetti sauce tastes better packed in a glass jar.  Food tastes fresher, cleaner and fuller when processed in a jar.

Glass gives me easy prep, serving and clean-up options.  Glass goes nicely from fridge to table… or from microwave to table.  You can easily see what is in the container so it’s harder to forget about it and waste it.  Glass washes faster and cleaner.

These particular containers have a tight-fitting lid with a rubber gaskets for a better seal on the lid.

These particular containers are ovenproof and freezer-safe.  They can easily go from fridge to oven without damaging the glass.

I like the square and rectangle shape containers best.  They easily stack and fit on refrigerator shelves.

There you go… I’d highly recommend getting glass containers with snapping lids if you decide to prep food in advance or if you think leftovers make great meals.

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