Forward Steps

Good Eats and Best Qualities

Today marks one week back in the intermittent fasting routine. I feel pretty successful. The only change I made this time around is that I added 2 cups of bone broth to my daily intake. It has really helped me when my body wants to come to a crashing halt at the end of the school day. Here is what I ate this week:

Monday was a salad… Tuesday we went to a Broadway show and John got me a burger… Wednesday I had spaghetti squash with butter, salt and pepper… Thursday was an Asian salad from a bag… Friday, John made Indian Paneer… so yummy… Saturday we were going to use a gift certificate at a local Mexican restaurant, but we forgot it… it turned out okay because I enjoyed a fajita salad… Sunday I had the kids over for dinner and we made Navajo tacos. I ate a few more carbs than I should have, however, I am proud of how well I did getting back on the band wagon.

Today my prompt for journaling ins to list my greatest qualities. That’s hard. I am not good at blowing my own horn. Let’s see… I am a hard worker. I am a decent teacher. I do my best as a mom and as a wife, even if I fall short. I am loyal. I am rocking the grey hair I have. I make good bread. I am faithful. I am observant. I am creative. I am persistent. I am grateful. I am problem solver.

Okay. That is it for now. Maybe I can add to the list later.

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