Warrior Wednesday

Warriors find the Good in Everyday.

The past 11 months has truly helped me change my perspective.  I am learning to adopt this motto nearly everyday: find the good in everyday.


Finding the good means searching for happiness and positivist, big or small, no matter what is happening in your day.

I get it… sometimes we all have a bad day.  Life really does throw the occasional curve ball.  Sometimes those curve balls force us to deal with tragedy or heartbreak when we are least expecting us and it is most inconvenient.  There are some days the pain of living is just too much to notice anything else.  Sometime you are just too tired to care… that’s been me recently.In the past year I have truly learned that even during those terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days, there is in fact always something good in every day.

There really is something good in every day.

“The real voyage of discovery consists in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust


Seriously!   You really can see life as an amazing experience.  It even becomes an opportunity to learn, play and discover new things.  I’ve also noticed that seeing life’s experiences is contagious.

I have also learned that happiness and sadness, misfortune and blessings can coexist.  Counting my blessings hasn’t been the magic pill to erase my struggles through tough times.  But it does make things bearable.


Warrior Women find the good in everyday.

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