#bethelight – Day 205

Today my husband was kind enough to plant the tomatoes I intended to plant.  However, after my face plant yesterday I was not up for working in the garden.  In the late morning we went on a little drive.  Our first stop was at a little trail for a short hike he wanted to do.  I am still a little unstable, so he and our daughter and her friend went on the short hike while I stayed in the car and started a crochet project.  Then we continued our drive along the coast.  We stopped at a beach where our other daughter was practicing for a sand castle contest with her husband and her husband’s family.  We ate lunch and visited at  the windy beach.  My husband forgot a jacket so I gave him my jacket.  Our little drive continued until we reached home.  My head is pounding, but it was a good day of shared kindness.

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