Family Friday

17 weeks and Counting

It’s been 17 weeks since our missionary took off on her adventure.  Sure miss her.  She is having a good experience serving in Missouri.  She is experiencing world class thunder and lightening storms, interesting wildlife, like this turtle they found in the road.  The mission leader of the ward she is serving in sent me this funny picture they sent him this week.  We miss her humor around here.

She would have loved visiting with Fia.  Fia came to see a high school friend’s wedding.  We had a great visit.  I can see that St. George is being good for her.  Fia and I had a great chat on Monday when I took her back to the airport.  We even sat for 45 minutes in the drop off zone chatting and no one came up to tell us to move.


Lillian and I had two performances of Manzi for classes at the school.  It was a great experience.  The kids did so well.  I am  so proud of them and their willingness to learn new things.


My beautiful garden is in full bloom.  I love sitting on my porch swing enjoying the view and the smells of spring.  However, it does make me miss my daughter McKay all the more.  McKay was my main garden helper.  I miss weeding and planting with her.  Ii have these beautiful flowers because of her.

Lillian got a Rotary Club award for music at school.

I had a bunch of band concerts and an elementary school concert this week.  My husband came to help me take down the sound shell in one of my quick turn around and found this sweet note from Hannah.  Even when she doesn’t know it reaches us, we get little reminders of Hannah and her love for us.


At the end of the school week we had a yearbook signing party.  I painted faces on the football field for a couple of hours.  My friend Jeff spent time in the dunk tank instead of helping me.  He was pretty water logged at the end of his assigned shift.

The party included a performance by the band Sol Seed.  They are awesome!  Many years ago I dragged my little kids to a coffee house to listen to them.  Funny thing is, they remembered that performance and the crazy lady with all the kids that came.  They we cool enough to take a selfie with me for my daughter McKay who was the original fan that drug us the that first concert.  We are still fans!  Check out their performance that could be near you here.


Freya, Ben and Holland came to play while Kimber and Ray went to the movies.  Freya helped Papa thin the apple tree.  Ben entertained himself “driving” his bucket in the yard.  Holland snuggled.  It was a great evening.

So that was our week.  How was your week?

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